There are two types of visit under Medicare Part B – the Welcome to Medicare visit and the Annual Wellness Visit.

Welcome to Medicare Visit

The Welcome to Medicare visit is a one time preventative visit that Medicare covers within the first 12 months that you are enrolled in Medicare Part B.

This visit includes a thorough review of your heath as well as and education and counseling about the preventative services you need like screenings, shots or referrals for other care. Your physician will make sure you are up to date on screenings and shots and further tests may be ordered.

Medicare only covers this exam if it happens within the first 12 months of enrolling in Part B. Be sure to schedule this appointment upon enrolling on Medicare Part B.

Annual Medicare Wellness Visit

The Annual Medicare Wellness Visit is a yearly visit aimed to prevent the onset of disease and disability, or to slow the progression of existing illnesses.

This visit can provide information that can help recommend lifestyle changes and health screenings to detect undiagnosed disease. This visit includes a more comprehensive overview than the Welcome to Medicare visit and includes a written Personalized Prevention Plan which much be updated each year to reflect changes in your health needs.

The annual wellness visit can be used as an ongoing plan for you and your clinician to monitor your health and ensure you receive necessary treatments for your undiagnosed and existing conditions.

When you come for your annual wellness visit, you will discuss your lifestyle, family history and past health problems. You may get several health checks including your height, weight and blood pressure. You will fill out a short questionnaire called a health risk assessment as part of this visit. Answering these questions can help you and your clinician develop a plan to help you stay healthy and get the most out of your visit.

Your clinician will also talk with you about steps you can follow to take charge of your health such as screenings to find disease early and vaccinations.

Your annual wellness visit is covered by your health plan. You can meet with your clinician every 12 months to get the important screenings, shots and referrals to help you stay healthy. You have to wait 12 months before your initial Welcome to Medicare visit to schedule your first annual wellness visit.

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